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Below is a list of upcoming events at our Book World book stores. Hope to see you there!


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April 29, 2017, 1:30PM Freeport, Illinois

Be at our Freeport store on Saturday, April 29th from 1:30-3 to meet Terri Reid, author of the popular Mary O’Reilly paranormal mystery series. In her latest, Old Acquaintance, the spirit from the asylum has followed Mary home for the holidays. But there are no chestnuts roasting on the open fires he’s creating. With Rosie and Stanley in danger, will Mary and company be able to assure themselves of a Merry Christmas, or will things go terribly, terribly wrong?

May 27, 2017, 1:00PM Galena, Illinois

Be at our Galena location on Saturday, May 27th, from 1-3 pm to meet Matt Geiger, author of The Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other Stories. Geiger’s award-winning stories reveal the sublime in the mundane and the comical in the banal. There are moments of introspection on what it means to be human. And it’s all laugh-out-loud funny when told by a humorist who is determined to live an examined life, even if he’s not always entirely sure what he’s looking at.



Date/Time Link to Store Description
May 10, 2017, 11:00AM Baxter/Brainerd, Minnesota

Be at our Baxter store on Wednesday, May 10th from 11-1 to meet Dennis Waller, author of the memoir The Lollygagging Years. One would think that back in the 1950’s - absent all the digital, technical and social distractions - high school students would focus on their educations. Not so with this group of pals. Instead, their energies are devoted to mischief and hilarious adventures that will carry you from one escapade to another.


Date/Time Link to Store Description
May 17, 2017, 2:00PM Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Be at our Stevens Point location on Wednesday, May 17th from 2-4 pm to meet former Wisconsin governor Martn Schreiber, author of My Two Elaines. This memoir tells the story of how he has dealt with becoming a caregiver for his wife Elaine, who has Alzheimer’s and sometimes no longer knows her husband. A heartwarming and inspiring story.

May 19, 2017, 5:00PM Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Be at our Stevens Point location on Friday, May 19th, from 5-7 pm to meet John DeDakis, author of the Lark Chadwick mystery series. In the latest, Bullet in the Chamber, reporter Lark must face danger in the White House when the press briefing room is attacked and the man she loves disappears -- along with the President of the United States.

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